LastnLast POR-15 absco PolyCare Zip-guard TREK Plus

About us

Absolute Coatings, Inc. is a 90 year-old specialty coatings manufacturer, dedicated to formulating and distributing the highest quality urethane coatings for automotive, wood flooring, and industrial applications. We’ve earned a stellar reputation with a commitment to customer service, products which deliver real value, and warranty availability.

Our well-known and long standing brands are sought after by professionals and experienced do-it-yourselfers. Last•n•Last® and Absco® wood finish products, PolyCare® hardwood floor cleaners, Zip-guard® finishes, and POR-15® rust preventive and restoration coatings each set the standard in their categories.

We don't simply manufacture coatings; our products enhance the homes, work places, and investments of customers across the globe. Whether the job is a gymnasium floor or a homeowner's dining room, a car enthusiast's vintage auto or even an industrial plant, customers depend on Absolute Coatings for lasting results.