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As the makers of Last•n•Last products, we are always researching ways to manufacture new formulas that give consumers more options without compromising quality. This brand offers a wide variety of products that perform brilliantly while offering lower VOC levels, low odor, easy soap and water clean-up.

Professional Clear Wood Finish Flooring Products


Our LNL-1500 Commercial Wood Floor Finish incorporates superior added protection with Aluminum Oxide, and UV absorbers in a single component non-yellowing urethane finish. The proven durability of LNL-1500 is even backed by a 15-Year Residential Wear Warranty. Our advanced waterborne formula is friendlier to the environment and features low odor, fast dry time and easy clean-up. LNL-1500 is the ultimate choice for the professional.

LNL 700A Commercial Grade Oil•n•H2O Wood Floor Finish incorporates the latest Oil•n•H2O technology, Aluminum Oxide and a 7-year Residential Wear Warranty for advanced protection on wood floors. Our unique Oil•n•H2O, 100% urethane technology, is incredibly easy to use and provides beautiful, long lasting protection to all types of interior wood floors.

LNL- 500X Residential Grade Waterborne Wood Floor Finish incorporates the latest waterborne technology and a 5-year Residential Wear Warranty for advanced protection of wood floors.

LNL-100SA Sealer features advanced Oil•n•H2O technology. This unique formula results in an ambering oil-based appearance with low odor and water clean-up. For use on raw wood floors when an oil-based appearance is desired.

LNL-100S Commercial Grade Waterborne Wood Floor Sealer features an advanced, fast penetrating, non-yellowing formula that allows for a 1-hour recoat time. For use on raw wood floors where a water clear appearance is desired.

Clear Wood Finish Flooring Products

Last•n•Last Ultra Clear Wood Finish
Last•n•Last Ultra Gold Wood Finish
Last•n•Last Clear Polyurethane Wood Finish
LnL-Pro Wood Floor Sealer
LnL-Pro Primer Sealer

Ultra Clear Wood Finish. Waterborne benefits with beautiful results.

  • Water Clear
  • Low Odor
  • One Hour Dry Time
  • Soap and Water Clean-up
  • Non-Yellowing
  • VOC Compliant Everywhere

Your customers will take pride in their finished floors, cabinets and important wood pieces after using Ultra Clear Wood Finish. This state-of-the-art coating helps seal, preserve and enhance the richness of wood while resisting staining, chipping and peeling. Customers look to our technology to provide the beauty and protection they want with the ease of a water-clear, quick-drying product with soap and water clean-up.

Ultra Gold Wood Finish. Ultra unique with advanced technology.

  • Unique Oil•n•H2O Formula
  • Soap and Water Clean-Up
  • Ultimate Protection
  • NO Separate X-Linker
  • VOC Compliant Everywhere

Our Ultra Gold Wood Finish is the newest generation of Last•n•Last Wood Floor Finishes for the professional. Formulated with the most advanced waterbased technology and oil modified polyurethane, Ultra Gold has the best of both worlds - ultimate beauty and protection with an easy soap and water clean-up.

Clear Polyurethane Wood Finish. Our best oil modified formula.

  • 100% Pure Polyurethane
  • Easy-to-Use
  • High Solids/Low Odor
  • Ultimate Protection
  • Multiple VOC Formulas

Our Clear Polyurethane Wood Finish combines the beauty and durability of 100% pure polyurethane on any wood surface. This clear, tough coating can be used on interior floors, furniture, doors and moldings and will resist abrasion, foot traffic, alcohol stains, water spotting, acid alkali and more. Formulated with high-quality resins, Last•n•Last Clear Polyurethane Wood Finish retains color beautifully, with excellent adhesion that resists flaking and chipping.

Last•n•Last Professional Polyurethane Wood Floor Sealer is made from 100% pure polyurethane. It will seal in beauty and provide years of durability for your customers. The high solids, 350 VOC formula is fast penetrating and can be used on both residential and commercial floors.

Last•n•Last Professional Quick Dry Primer Sealer (500 VOC) utilizes our unique Soya based formula to provide a pure urethane sealer of unique qualities. With a 1½ hour dry time and high coverage of 500 to 600 square feet per gallon, our sealer is a smart, efficient choice for today's professional wood floor finishers.

Outdoor Wood Finish Products

Last•n•Last Marine & Door Spar Varnish
Last•n•Last Marine & Door Spar Varnish
Last•n•Last Door and Window Finish

Marine & Door Spar Varnish. Two superior finishes with one clear message of ultimate protection.

  • Proven Technology
  • Ultimate Exterior Protection
  • U.V. Absorbers
  • Mildew Resistant

Our Marine & Door Spar Varnish comes in two proven formulas:

  • Our high quality traditional exterior formula
  • A unique Oil•n•H2O formula with easy water clean-up and VOC compliant everywhere.

Both products contain a unique blend of resins and ultra violet screening agents specifically formulated for exterior use providing the best possible protection from the harsh sun and salt spray of the sea. Our Spar Varnishes are free-flowing and self-leveling and resist peeling, chipping and cracking.

Last•n•Last® Door & Window Finish comes in 4 popular colors and a clear finish available in 2 sheens. Our Last•n•Last Door & Window Finish is the perfect solution for specialty applications such as exterior window trim, entrance and garage doors and railings. The unique formulation offers superior protection and the ability to customize your application.

  • Clear
  • Light Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Natural

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